Apache 2 upgrade and adding SSL

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Today's task was to upgrade my Apache environment from 1.3 to the current for Debian, 2.2.3.

The upgrade went pretty smooth. All I had to do was figure out how the new configuration was done (as opposed to the old httpd.conf file, everything is very modular now). I created a new "site" called personal where I put all of my specific configuration; this should make future upgrades easier.

Since I'm planning ot use SSL just for myself (to encrypt some of the stuff that I'm doing), I do not want to pay for a real certificate, so I just followed the examples I found on the internet on How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate and made my own.

Other links that I found helpful:

Apache Virtual Hosts
Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
A helpful little tidbit (near the bottom about AuthBasicAuthorization

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