Me a spammer ?

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Well, according to Comcast, I am. I got an e-mail from then today (click here to read the complete message) telling me that they have determined that my computer(s) have been used to send unsolicited email.

I did some searching - I sure don't see anything going out and I've ran virus/spy ware scans on everything that I have and came up empty.

In doing a web search (google provided this for example), I see that this has happened to other people too. It would be nice if the message from comcast would provide some details...

This did prompt me to investigate eximstats. I now have this running hourly and placing the results here: /sm_report/mailreport.html so I can see what my server is sending out.

I did find that GMail offers an outgoing e-mail service; that may be worth investigation.

Later in the day, I realized that Comcast was also blocking port 25 incoming. This makes it nearly impossible to run your own mail server locally. I ended up turning to and their MailHop Relay service. They now serve as my primary mail server and they relay the messages to my local server. They hold mail if my mail server goes down (or off-line by Comcast as is more often the case), and they deliver mail to an alternate port thus getting around the blocked port by Comcast.

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