Second Semester, first class

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Tonight I went to my first class for the Spring semester. At first, I was worried. The instructor did not show up until two minutes after the class was scheduled to start, then he did not have keys to the classroom.

Once we got in there, things went very well; I think he's going to be a great instructor.

The class is a philosophy class and he said he expects us to argue with him during the semester. I like to argue, so that should work in my favor.

His syllabus is on-line and the funny thing is that it only lists one thing in his schedule for the class. He says that he's disorganized and comes to class without a real plan. He did not even know what books were required for the class!

It may sound strange, but I think this guy is more interested in teaching us something rather than following some lesson plan. I look forward to his class and hope he lives up to my expectations.

One of our perpetual assignments is to bring a question to class every week. The question should be about something that we have discussed in class or in our reading assignments. He will use those as a basis for what we discuss in class.

He did let us out of class early, I hope this will be a consistent theme with him.

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