To Fight Or Run

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I was talking with a fellow martial artist the other day and we began to discuss what we would do in a variety of situations involving weapons. We came down to three generic situations that we thought would cover most things that one would encounter in the real word.

First, what would you do when someone that you are involved in a confrontation with indicates that he has a gun. The answer that we came up with was simple. Assume he's telling the truth and act quickly so that he can't pull the gun; knock him out, then search him for the gun. Why? If the guy pulls the gun, then you're in some potential trouble (see below), if you kill the guy because he said he had a gun but actually did not, you may not feel so good about it in the morning (or on the day of the trial).

The next escalation would be when a guy pulls a gun. In this scenario, it's clear that this guy is out to kill you. You must react fist. Running away is not an option because it's very difficult to outrun a bullet. If you are close enough to do so, taking the opponent out is the best course of action. If you are not close enough, you have to buy some time and close the gap.

Another situation is when a person pulls a knife. In this situation, the best option is to run away. The knife can only hurt you if you are close. If you can get out of harms way, you're safe and ultimately that's what the end goal should be.

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