My definition of a good weekend

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Sometimes, I wonder, "what would make a good weekend"; well, this weekend, I found out.

Starting on Friday, after work. The temperature was in the middle 50's and I rode the bike to work, so the ride home was very pleasant.

Nothing too exciting happened Friday night; we went to Wal-Mart in Jefferson City to pick up a few things. I did meet a couple of old friends that I have not seen in a while, so it was nice to catch-up with them.

Saturday started off with work on my '88 Toyota Pickup. I noticed earlier in the week that it needed new brakes, so I worked on that Saturday morning. The only real problem was that the parts store gave me the wrong brake shoes, but once I had the first set off and realized the problem, it was a short bike-ride back to the store to get the correct shoes.

Then, I worked on putting my TM-D700 back in the truck. I had some problem with the wiring for power for the radio and had pulled the radio out several months ago. I finally got the wiring straightened out and am happy to have a real radio in the truck again.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night to a new Bar-B-Q place in Sevierville, Woody's I think it's called. It's much like Buddy's, but they have more options. I gave it an average rating. I think I'll give it a little while for the cooks to get in their groove and give it another try.

Sunday started off as a lazy day. I fixed a big breakfast (Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy) - a weekend favorite for me. Then I began to do some cleaning in the office. I did some re-arranging and eliminated a few bundles of wire messes that I had in here with the computers, radios and such.

We went out for lunch, nothing elaborate, just KFC.

After lunch, I worked on adding insulation to some pipes that I had trouble with during the last couple of cold snaps. When I finished that, I went over to a neighbor's where my father-in-law and some guys were working on a trailer that they will use to haul jeeps on. It's a rather large trailer (it will haul three jeeps) and they were in the process of replacing the axles with axles from a tractor-trailer trailer. Their approach was to flip the trailer over to make the welding of the new axles in place easier. This afternoon's project was to flip the trailer right-side-up and mount the tires on it.

After that, I settled down to get ready for my weekly APRS net. The net went well, with a fair amount of discussion that lasted about 40 minutes.

After that, I found the movie "Enter the Dragon" on television, so I decided to kick back and watch that while enjoying a pipe full of "1Q" tobacco.

Yes, this is, for me, a great weekend. Nothing significant happened, but I got some things accomplished that I have wanted to for a while now and I had plenty of time to enjoy it.

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