Plans for a Motorcycle Ride to Jack Daniel's Distillery

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JD_Plan.JPGI have done a fair amount of riding this year, taking the bike to work on any day it's not been raining or snowing, but very little of my riding has been just for the joy of the trip. My weekends have been consumed with homework for school, so I've not had the opportunity to take a nice relaxing ride. This semester of school will be over at the end of the month; this ride will open up my summer of riding.

The destination will be the the oldest registered distillery in the US, Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.

The trip there should be a scenic one:

It's a pretty long ride, over six hours estimated by Google, so we'll probably leave around 8AM and then stop along the way somewhere for some lunch. I need to do some research to see where we may be around lunch time and have some plan for where we can eat. It would be nice to find some mom-and-pop restaurant....have to see what's available.

Ideally, we'll arrive in Lynchburg around 3PM and have time for the tour.

Once we've seen the sites at the distillery, we'll mount up and head back home primarily on the Interstate.

Sounds like a nice trip to me...

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