Setting up a Linux RMS Gateway

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This week I've been playing with setting up a Linux WinLink 2000 RMS Gateway.

I started with what I believe was a standard Ubuntu distribution.

I installed the following additional packages via Ubuntu's installation tool:

Then I configured ax25 on that computer to have one port ("radio") which is
setup as -11 @ 9600 baud with a paclen of 255 and a window of 2.

radio -11 9600 128 2 145.050 MHz (1200 bps)

The TNC was in KISS mode on ttyS0. I used the kissattach command to attach the TNC on /dev/ttyS0 to the
"radio" ax25 port.

/usr/sbin/kissattach /dev/ttyS0 radio

Then I downloaded and installed the latest version of rmsgw (version
2.0.2-111) following the installation instructions that they provide.

Then I altered the ax25d.conf file so that when someone connects to the
station -11, the rmsgw is launched. (Directions in the rmsgw setup.)

I also altered the ax25d.con file so that is a running the "node" software to which I have done very little customization.

I then installed digi_ned and configured it as a very simple digi (only responds to it's call).

I also installed the beta release of ldsped which is similar to AGWPE for Linux.
This setup is very simple, it's a binary distribution, and the customization is minimal as well, so this went very smooth.

The settings that I came away with after much testing were PACLEN of 128, WINDOW of 2.

It's not the best setup in the world with the TNC in the TS-2000, but it does will get relocated to another Ham's house and setup with a KPC3+ although with some of the issues that we've seen, he may revert it back to running Windows XP.

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