This is by far one of my favorite project that I have worked on. It was an office automation system that consisted of eight applications based on Notes for the chairmanís office of a major energy sector company. 

The "splash screen" database (pictured above) was created to give the users of the system common interface to all of these applications. The applications were designed to work together so that the users do not necessarily know how many databases they are using. For example, the Image Store application was designed to hold scanned images. As a result, the size of the database was expected to grow dramatically. Therefore, we designed it so that it could grow to include hundreds of databases for storage.

The Correspondence Log is the core of the system. Administrative assistants would use the Correspondence Log to record all incoming correspondence. The Correspondence Log would facilitate scanning the correspondence (storing the results in the Image Store) and then delegating the correspondence to someone for further action. All of the actions were logged so if someone called in with a question about a piece of correspondence, any Administrative assistant could look up the correspondence (based on sender, recipient, date, topic, etc.) and review the actions that had been taken with the correspondence.

The Telephone Log was a replacement for the telephone message book. It was similar to the Correspondence Log. It allowed telephone messages to be taken, then tracked and routed electronically.

The Card File contained information for contacts outside of the corporation. This let all of the Administrative Assistants collaborate with their rolodex and have more accurate (and complete) contact information.

On this project, I interviewed the user groups, collected and defined the business requirements, designed the system framework, and coordinated the development effort.