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An accomplished architect, development lead and developer, I have both great passion for and capability in the area life-cycle solutions in the office automation and information delivery areas.

Since September 2008, I've been working with Scripps Networks in Knoxville. I have been part of their back-end development team assisting with their web redesign. Most of the development has been in TCL (yeah, you read that correctly). Thus far, I've helped with the redesign of the web site.

From April 2003 until April 2008, I was on a project providing support to a large SAP implementation. I was selected for this project primarily for my Lotus Notes application development skills because Lotus Notes databases were the primary tool being used to manage the project. However, shortly after starting this project, it became more than just a Lotus Notes application development project. It soon grew to include Lotus Notes, SQL Server, Java, HTML, JSP, ASP and Crystal Reports. [More details...]

Prior to this project, I lead development groups in developing and maintaining applications exploiting a combination of technologies and platforms including Lotus Domino/Notes, Websphere, DB2, QuickPlace, Windows NT and IBM’s AIX in a variety of development languages including Lotus Script, JavaScript, HTML, Java, VisualBasic, .NET and Perl. This included leading the development efforts for the IBM Web Delivered Services and Tools group [More details...] and for the IBM e-business Accelerator, IBM’s e-consulting portal. [More details...]

Prior to joining the e-business Accelerator team, as a member of the Notes National Practice, I specialized in crafting solutions leveraging collaborative computing and the delivery of business value as enabled by distributed application platforms such as Lotus Notes and the Internet. I also have practitioner level experience in business strategy and planning methodologies, life-cycle solution methodologies, rapid development methodologies, object-oriented design and development, and information delivery. I am equally comfortable working as an interface between development teams and executives/managers exhibiting strong communication skills. I am experienced with defining business requirements and software development processes. My technical expertise technical leadership and management experience span the software development life-cycle. [More Details...]

Further details on my past accomplishments:

ITS - December 2002 - June 2008
WDST - October 2001 - December 2002
e-business Accelerator - July 2000 - October 2001
Notes National Practice - September 1996 - July 2000
i2 Technologies - September 1996

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