All About Motorcyclng:

My first bike was a 70cc Honda. After a couple of years, I purchased a 125CBR Honda. The pictures below are not the best, but I had the best time with those bikes. When I turned 16, my time on the bike grew smaller and smaller. By the time I left for UT, I had sold both of my bikes and it would be another fifteen years before I'd ride again.

In 2003, a buddy encouraged me to start riding again. I borrowed a bike and participated in East TN Toy Run that year. In January 2004, I purchased a 1983 Yamaha Venture; I was hooked. That bike served me well for a couple of years. I even took it on a trip to Orlando. But being that old, it started giving me problems and I decided that i wanted a bike that I could ride without worring.

On March 4, 2006, my motorcycle life entered a new dimension. I purchased a brand new 2006 Honda Goldwing GL1800. This was the first time in my life that I owned a brand-new bike. I made the purchase at Mountain Adventures Honda. My bike is the "Dark Red" color because that's the one that the dealer made me a GREAT deal on - he offered me the bike around $3K less than their competitor over in Alcoa, and he let me take it out on a test ride before completing the deal.

I've had a great time on the bike over the years. The photo galleries below are just a small sampling of how much fun I've had.

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    My First Bike
    My first bike was a 70cc Honda. After a couple of years, I purchased a 125...

I used to lead groups on day rides in the area; I've collected some of the maps and plans for those rides and have made them available here: Ride Plans.

When I was riding the Venture, I searched for web sites with lots of information about it. The one I found was the Ventures Motorcycle Club's web site at I also found, another website with lots of good information: