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Frozen Pond Frozen Pond The pond at work was a bit frozen.
IMG_0131.jpg IMG_0131.jpg I slid the Discovery off of the road and into a tree. Luckily, the damage ...
IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0135.jpg I had a dentist appointment - this was their parking lot
4 1/2" of snow 4 1/2" of snow We had about 4 1/2 inches of snow fall in the third snow fall over two weeks.
Tracks on Roberts Road Tracks on Roberts Road A couple of cars made some tracks on Roberts Road in front of the house
IMG_0140.jpg IMG_0140.jpg Precious is objecting to me clearing the snow off of the back deck. She loves ...
20140128_100132.jpg 20140128_100132.jpg It didn't look like a lot of snow had fallen....but I think every ...
20140128_100857.jpg 20140128_100857.jpg Headed up Flynn's Hill (one of the typically bad areas on my road)
20140128_101244.jpg 20140128_101244.jpg On to Douglas Dam road - it's usually better maintained.
20140128_101546.jpg 20140128_101546.jpg Highway 66 - you know, the one at exit 407
20140128_102731.jpg 20140128_102731.jpg The interstate was pretty clear.
20140128_104224.jpg 20140128_104224.jpg Summit Hill in Knoxville
20140128_140539.jpg 20140128_140539.jpg Leaving, a few hours later - I decided not to go this way - didn'...
20140128_141223.jpg 20140128_141223.jpg This path looks much cleaner, don't you think?
20140128_144112.jpg 20140128_144112.jpg Back on the interstate - some spots were better, some were worse; this was one ...
20140128_144307.jpg 20140128_144307.jpg Back onto highway 66 - I thought they made this 3 lanes wide...
20140128_144504.jpg 20140128_144504.jpg I know it was at least two lanes!
20140128_144540.jpg 20140128_144540.jpg Turn-lanes get no plow love.
20140128_144727.jpg 20140128_144727.jpg Back on Douglas Dam - still doesn't look like it's been treated.
20140128_144837.jpg 20140128_144837.jpg Further down Douglas Dam
20140128_145120.jpg 20140128_145120.jpg Then I turn onto Roberts Road
20140128_145230.jpg 20140128_145230.jpg Flinn's hill caught another unsuspecting driver
20140128_145317.jpg 20140128_145317.jpg I know there's a road out there somewhere - in fact, there are two ...