The Trip West: Plans

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We are planning to leave on a Friday, as early as possible (maybe as late as noon depending on work schedules).
Drive to St. Lous, MO. Approximately 511 miles.

On day 2, drive from St. Louis to Denver, CO. This will be our longest day traveling. We should go thru Kansas City, Topeka, Junction City, Salina, Hayes, Oakley, Burlington and Limon. Approximately 847 miles.

On day 3, drive from Denver to Cody, WY. Traveling thru Cheyenne, Casper., Chugwater, Slater, Wheatland, Glendo, Orin, Douglas and Parkerton. Approximately 510 miles.

We will be spending several days in and around Cody doing things around Yellowstone. We are planning to camp at the Yellowstone Valley Inn Resort.

Yellowstone Valley Inn
3324 Yellowstone Park Hwy/Northfork Hwy
Cody, Wyoming 82414

Quiet, rustic country inn, RV park & campgroud perfect for sightseeing vacation, featuring western outdoor activities & lodging, located 16 miles west of Cody, Wyoming and 30 miles east of Yellowstone National Park on Hwy 14,16,20 also known as the Yellowstone Highway.

After spending a week there, we are going to relocate to Rapid City - Approximately 420 miles. There, we'll be camping at the Mystery Mountain Resort.

Mystery Mountain Resort
13752 South Highway 16 "West"
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702

The Mystery Mountain Resort is located in the tall Black Hills pine forest just off of South Highway 16, about 9 miles out of Rapid City toward Mt. Rushmore.

After another 5 days or so in that area, we'll be headed back home.

One the way home, we may take a detour to see the Corn Palace. Imagine a building covered with colorful murals. Now imagine that same building with an exterior made entirely out of corn and other grains! This building exists -- it is the Corn Palace.

We have not determined the route back home yet. Personally, I like the idea of going over to Chicago and down through Indianapolis. Or we may take the more direct route back down into Kansas and over to St. Louis.

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