Walters State Week 2

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I'm just finishing up my second week at Walters State. It sure is strange to get into the swing of studying and attending classes.

The remainder of my first week was primarily just introduction/orientation stuff and was pretty easy. This week the instructors started with dishing out real work.

So far, Speech 2010 is probably my favorite class. The group of students in the class all seem outgoing (with few exceptions) and are all very engaged with the class. The instructor is upbeat and gets everyone involved and excited about the class. So far, we've had a lot to read in this class; 3 chapters already. In class, the highlights are discussed, but it's apparent that it's up to us to get most of the book learning on our own and to use the class to work on speech skills. This past week we started giving impromptu speeches!

A class that I do not care as much about (so far anyway) is Human Adventures. This is a web based class. So far, we've just read chapter 1 and had to write a short essay. Chapter 1 was about the prehistoric, Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, their art and culture. It's certainly a lot of information, covering a period of about 35,000 years.

Psychology on the other hand has been a pretty interesting class. It's an introduction to Psychology and so far, I'm learning a fair amount which surprises me since I thought I had a pretty good handle on what psychology is. Turns out there are many branches of psychology that I knew nothing about.

The only class where I did not have much to do was Cultural Geography. That's primarily because we did not have class last Monday (Labor Day), however we will have a quiz this Monday on the "global grid" (i.e., latitude and longitude).

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