Another day, another class

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Well, tonight was my first actual class at Walters State. This one is Cultural Geography. When I signed up for the class, it was a normal lecture format, but sometime after that it was changed to a streaming video class with the instructor being at the Greenville Campus.

The classroom that we are in is setup nice for the video class; it has four monitors and at least two cameras so we can see and be seen by the instructor and other class mates in Greenville. Apparently this format is new to the instructor as he struggled a bit with the technology, but I'm confident that once he gets it straightened out things will work pretty well.

I would guess (from looking around the class) that I am the oldest in this particular class. There are a few others that appear to be in their late 20's or early 30's, but I think I've got the spot as oldest. Let's hope that with age comes wisdom.

The topic for tonight was a brief overview of the "Global Grid System" - something I am somewhat familiar with and you may know it if I tell you it's simply latitude and longitude.

I do look forward to seeing what all I learn in this class - you know, as I get older, I really enjoy learning. This class covers things that I only know a very little about, so I have the potential to learn a lot and I really look forward to it.

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