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I began riding motorcycles when I was about 12 years old. My first bike was a 70cc Honda trail bike. I had several friends that I rode with; all had similar small bikes.

After I turned 16 and began driving, I stopped playing with motorcycles. I never did get my motorcycle license.

Then in 2003, I was invited to participate in the Toys for Tots Toy Run. In this run, a large group of motorcycle rider meet in Sevierville, then ride to Knoxville. The thing that makes it special is that each bike has a toy (or some money for a toy) that it brings with it.

With this event coming up, I borrowed my younger brother's Honda Shadow and began riding again (to get ready for my license test); I had forgotten how much fun riding was.

On Friday, October 24, I took my test and got my motorcycle license. Then I was on the search for a bike to buy so I could continue the experience after the toy run.

The toy run did not go exactly as planned...but I did get a couple of pictures of me on a friends bike: