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The Pictures below (many of them available on other pages) show how the Samurai has changed and grown over time.


In November, a friend of mine did some body work and gave the samurai a new paint job. It's finally one color again!

A quick trip to Caryville on a wet day.



Late in 2001, I was able to get a tow vehicle for the Samurai.



Early in 2001, I did an end-over-end flip in the Samurai. This gave me the encouragement that I needed to make the Samurai longer.


After taking a few trips with the Samurai at it's stock width, I discovered that it was too narrow. So I put wider axles under it and even larger tires (36 inches tall).


Picture from August 2000 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine


I first started off-roading with the Samurai in 1998. The first modifications were very simple; I lifted the Samurai and put 31 inch tires on it. The lift was a simple spring-over-axle lift.