Getting To Tellico

I get to the Tellico OHV Area from the Tennessee side. The following maps and directions were generated using Microsoft Streets and Trips. The starting point is at the intersection of Highway 68 and Highway 165 in Tellico Plains

From: Tellico Plains To: Tellico OHV Pay Area
Driving Distance: 23.1 miles Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
Distance Latitude Long Instruction
0.0 35.367244 -084.301739  1   Depart near Tellico Plains on Hwy 165 (North) for 5.5 mi
5.5 35.345972 -084.237333 Turn RIGHT (South) onto River Rd for 17.6 mi
23.1 35.261247 -084.079861  3   Just after you Enter North Carolina, you will see the Pay Area on the left

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