John Rutledge House Inn John Rutledge House Inn We stayed the night in the John Rutledge House Inn - I highly recommend this ...
View from the Condo View from the Condo The view from our condo. Not too shabby.
Toes in the water Toes in the water On our first day, we had to get our toes in the water.
Sunrise Sunrise We were up every morning to watch the sunrise.
Beach Beach The beach was beautiful any time of day.
Orb Orb We took the ghost tour and I captured one orb in the pictures that I ...
Tour Guide Tour Guide The ghost tour tour guide.
Charlie Charlie "Charlie" was the guy that took us on the ghost tour of the ...
Birds Birds We went to the St Augustine Alligator Farm - I found the birds to be ...
Alligator Party Alligator Party They did have a few alligators to look at.
Komodo dragon Komodo dragon And a komodo dragon or two.
Feeding Alligators Feeding Alligators We even managed to catch a sample feeding.
Evening Beach Evening Beach Evenings on the beach were very pleasant.
Giraffe Giraffe Tuesday, we went to Animal Kingdom. You get an up-close view of the animals on ...
Elephant Elephant We saw lots of animals
White Rhino White Rhino And had to deal with the white rhino traffic (animals have the right-of-way).
Lion King Lion King The Lion King show was also great - not a bad house in the place.
Tiger Tiger They had a couple of tigers that made an appearance.
Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom Proof that I was there
Sunrise Sunrise Could not get over the sunrises.
Magnolia Street Magnolia Street Magnolia street - lined with oak trees.
$130M Tiffany windows $130M Tiffany windows Those windows are behind bullet proof glass. They are tiffany and worth $130 million!
Old Homes Old Homes They have some beautiful old homes in St Augustine.
Pirate Ship Pirate Ship You don't find a pirate ship at every dock.
Sunset Sunset but I return to the sunset
Sunrise Sunrise and wake up to another beautiful sunrise
Possum Possum Possum for dinner anyone?
Sheriff Sheriff The sheriff at the Old Jail.
Tiffany Windows Tiffany Windows More tiffany glass.
Flagler College Flagler College Flagler was the man that made this city into an attraction.
St Augustine Distillery St Augustine Distillery The distillery - this is the entire operation
Burbon in waiting Burbon in waiting They just put bourbon into barrels - it'll be another 4 years before they are ...
Beach View Beach View Did I mention that we were right on the beach?
Crowded Beach Crowded Beach and it was so crowded
Sunsets Sunsets We really enjoyed our time here!