DigiKam to PHP Photo Album - album_library

My system for managing photos and publishimg them "dynamically" on my website.

Album Library

The album library is a PHP file which contains mostly formatting code. It pulls in the various classes as needed to build each block. You can download it entirely here: album_library.txt

The functions included are:

    getGroupTitle( $groupAlbumId, $tagId )
    getGroupMetadata( $groupAlbumId, $tagId )
    getAlbumCaption( $groupAlbumId, $tagId )
    getSingleTitle( $imageId )
    getSingleMetadata( $imageId )
    formatGroupOfAlbums( $groupAlbumId, $groupName, $groupType, $groupClass, $groupSize, $limit, $offset )
    formatAlbumThumbnailInGroup( $album, $groupName, $elementType, $elementCounter )
    formatGroupOfImages( $groupAlbumId, $tagId, $groupName, $groupType, $groupClass, $groupSize, $limit, $offset )
    formatImageInGroup( $image, $groupName, $elementType, $elementCounter, $tags )
    formatTagCloud( $groupAlbumId, $tagId, $imageId )
    formatAlbumCloud( $groupAlbumId, $tagId )
    formatBreadcrumbs( $album )
    formatImagesAjaxArray ( $albumId )
    formatImagesAjaxGallery( $class, $albumId, $limit, $offset )
    getElementTypeForGroupType ( $groupType )
    printGroupOpen ( $groupName, $groupType, $groupClass, $groupCounter, $isEmpty )
    printGroupClose ( $groupName, $groupType, $groupClass, $groupCounter, $isEmpty )
    limit_text($text, $limit)

I will elaborate on this at some point.