Crazy Weekend

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This past weekend was crazy.

It started Friday afternoon. My father-in-law and I went into town to pick up a Bobcat for some driveway work that we have planned for Saturday.

I returned home from the Bobcat delivery just in time to leave again. This time, heading to Gatlinburg for a Band concert where Matthew performed. We went out to grab some dinner after the event. Before we knew it, the day was gone.

Matthew started his first job Saturday morning - working at Buddy's Bar-B-Que, so Saturday started early. While Lori took Matthew to work, I began working with a friend of mine, running the Bobcat to build a new driveway. We worked until around noon on a the driveway. After lunch, we took the Bobcat over to my father-in-laws to move some dirt there - making room for more trucks/trailers/campers.

Saturday evening, I worked on one of my lawn mowers. After pulling the birds nest from the engine, I was able to get it running again, so I mowed the back yard while Lori went to get Matthew from work. After that, I was about to overheat, so I quit. It was dinner time, so Lori and I took the bike for a short ride to Dandridge to get some dinner - a nice cool ride.

Sunday was not nearly as busy - Matthew had to be at work at 9 am again, so I finished mowing the yard while Lori took him to work. I helped Lori with some pictures for stuff to put on e-bay, then it was time to get some lunch. We took Lori's Mom and Dad out for lunch at Matthew's new place of employment - he was working the drive-thru window, so we did not get to see much of him. After lunch, we went to a local flea market (Lori's mom's request) and spent an hour or so looking.

This put us home around 2:30 - I figured I had just enough time to get to my parents house and see them a short while before they had to go to church for evening services. I took off on the bike (Lori stayed behind, to be there to pick up Matthew). When I got to their house, I found it empty - so I left the Mother's day card/present and rode back home - about a 3 hour round trip on the bike - a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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