Ride to Norris Dam

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On Sunday, Lori and I took a ride and ended up at the Norris Dam. Neither of us had been up to the Dam before, so it was a neat experience.

TVA: Norris Reservoir

It turned out to be a very nice ride. We took Hwy 139 to 11E in Strawberry Plains where we took Mascott/Mine Road over to 11W for a short jog to Roberts Road. Roberts Road took us up to Emery Road which took us over to 441 in Halls. We took 441 all the way up to Norris. We missed a turn just before we got to Norris, so we ended up taking a ride thru down-town - it was a neat little side trip.

All-in-all, not a long day of riding (about a total of 5 hours including stops), but a very enjoyable ride.

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