Matthew's Last ballgame and we go to Dollywood

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We had a great weekend.

Friday night was Sevier County's final football game of the season. They played against Ooltewah in the quarter finals and lost. That will be the last time that Matthew plays for a football game; it was kind of bitter-sweet.

Ooltewah was a good drive from home, so it was nearly midnight when we got back home after the game.

We slept in and were generally pretty lazy on the rainy Saturday morning.

We made up for the laziness later in the day. Lori and I put a big dent in our Christmas shopping that day. We started off with lunch at Panerra Bread - one of Lori's favorite places to have lunch on the weekends. From there, we spent a few hours in the mall, then about an hour in Sam's Club.

Sunday morning was much like Saturday morning except it was cold instead of rainy. In the afternoon, we took off to Dollywood with Lori's mom to see some of the shows. We stayed there until around 7 PM. The amount of Christmas lights that they have up is huge.

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