Atomic Man Triathlon

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This past weekend was a lot of fun.

I was part of the communications team for the Atomic Man Triathlon. The even was down in Vonore - about 60 miles from home.

I left home around 6:30 - the event was scheduled to start at 8AM. I got there plenty early and took the extra time to pre-ride the course so I could get an idea of the area I would be covering during the event.

My job during this event was to ride around the course with a referee to allow him to monitor the participants to ensure they were following all of the rules.

The referee and I rode around the course for about 4 hours - until most of the bicycle riders were finished.

After that, I just hung around for a while and visited with the other communications guys.

I got home around 4 PM and had put around 300 miles on the motorcycle.

A very fun day that I would gladly do again

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