Philosophy Continues

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Tonight was another Philosophy class. I really like this instructor's style. We have about 30 people in the class, and it seems hard to get conversations going. I suspect that most people are afraid to talk in such a large class.

We did learn that the instructor, in a past career, lead groups on river runs in Alaska. I think we'll learn a lot more tidbits about him as time goes on, it seems that he has lived an interesting life.

We also learned a little something about everyone in the class tonight. It's always nice to get to know the people in the class at least a little bit.

The only problem that I had this week was the reading assignment was not published until late yesterday evening. I did not learn about it until I happened to check his web site at work today. The assignment was only 10 pages and I managed to get it read before class - he promised to get it out earlier for next week's class.

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