Trip to the Antler Hill Village @ Biltmore

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Lori and I took a weekend trip to Asheville, NC this weekend. We went there primarily to go to Biltmore and see their new area, Antler Hill Village. We drove over Saturday afternoon, taking the newly re-opened I-40.Seeing the area where the rock slide happened this soon after (they are still working on it) was amazing. It's hard to even imagine what it must have been like to be there when it happened.

We found our hotel, a newly remodeled Hampton Inn just a few miles down the road from Biltmore. It was a nice place convenient to the Biltmore Square mall. Lori loves to shop - and it's what she has to do for her business, so we went to the mall. That place was nearly empty; much like the Knoxville Center mall. It did have a Dillard's Clearance Center in it (not a normal Dillard's store) and that turned out to be very good for Lori.

The hotel had a list of some local restaurants; one of them on that list was Moose Cafe. Their website said that the Moose Cafe had traditional southern cooking. It was right next to the Farmers Market (a large farmers market) and they said that they get their vegetables from there. I had their green beans, they were clearly not from a can! Everything that we had to eat there was really good; we did not get their $8.99 all you can eat dinner deals, but found that we were served plenty of food. They brought biscuits and apple-butter to the table with our drinks (sweet tea served in mason jars). It was very different apple-butter than I'm used to, but was very good. They also had bottles of molasses on the table which went very along with the biscuits very nicely.

We had a great night at the hotel; the bed was very comfortable and things were quite at the hotel. Since the things that we wanted to do at Biltmore did not open until 10, we slept in. Breakfast was a hot breakfast at the hotel and left for Biltmore around 9:00.

When we got to Biltmore, we took some time to explore the gardens. I was expecting them to be full of spring blooms, but found that they had tulips,

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