2013-01-30 Breakfast

A normal breakfast for me - egg on a bagel thin with OJ and a side of yogurt.

2013-01-30 Weigh-In


2013-01-29 Steps


2013-01-29 Dinner

Had some Hot Pocket Snackers Potato Skin Bites for dinner tonight - not a great dinner, but easy.

2013-01-29 Lunch

Had lunch provided today. It was a great small salad (spinach and berries) with some chicken and steak strips (I had mostly chicken, and one slice of steak). The sides were asparagus and mashed potatoes. 

2013-01-29 Breakfast

A standard breakfast - egg and cheese on a bagel thin with a side of yogurt and OJ. The yogurt this time is a whipped chocolate yogurt mousse that we got at Aldi's - looking forward to giving it a try.

2013-01-29 Weigh-In


2013-01-28 Steps


2013-01-28 Dinner

Working on cleaning out the freezer. Had some halibut fish sticks and some home-made green-beens. Great!

2013-01-28 Lunch

Lori fixed me a great salad for lunch today - Loved it!